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FAQ information for SEO Suite
FAQ information for PPC Bidmax
FAQ information for Mail Communicator
FAQ information for Dynamic Submission
FAQ informaiton for Email Validator
FAQ informaiton for Dynamic MailCommunicator
FAQ information for Dynamic KeywordBid Maximizer

Frequently Asked Questions :

  1. How does the program define a successful submission?
  2. Why submissions fail?
  3. How many Search Engines will Dynamic Submission post my Web site details to ?
  4. When I try to register I get an error message saying that my registration code is invalid.
  5. How do you select suitable Search Engines for the program ?
  6. Are you going to release a version of Submission for the Mac computer ?
  7. Why doesn't Dynamic Submission successfully submit to all the sites I have selected ?
  8. How often do I need to update my Engine Data file ?
  9. I am a registered user, how can I upgrade to the new version?
  10. I have problems updating the engine data file from the program, it connects to the web server and then it just sits there and does nothing ?
  11. Why does my positioning on Search Engines constantly change ?
  12. How can Web Ranking help me improve my site's position ?
  13. How do Search Engines work ?
  14. How long it will take for my web site to be indexed by the search engines?
  15. I just bought the software and I have already submitted my websites to several search engines. However the next day, when I tried to search for the keywords, my website is not even in the search list let alone the top 10 list. What am I suppose to do about this?
  16. I have submitted my web sites to the search engines, however, all the engines are failed in the submission report, what am I doing wrong?
  17. I can not connect to the internet, I receive an error message "host not found" when I connect.
  18. Why aren't my web sites indexed by the search engines? (We have been using your product now for around 5 weeks now, submitting about every week or so, however, we're not showing up anywhere on any of the major search engines. What am I doing wrong?)
  19. I want to become a reseller, where can I get more info?
  20. I have a LAN at home, where 3 PCs use one internet connection. 2 PCs connect to the third PC using WinProxy. It always says 'Host not found' when I try to connect to the internet.
  21. Where can I find your price list?
  22. What is the different between Express, Standard and Enterprise edition?
  23. What is Import Web Form Data?
  24. What is Engine Builder?
  25. What happen if mine registration code has been canceled?
  26. What happen if I get a registration error?
  27. What happen if I had a typo error and accidentally used up all the domains in the express version?
  28. How do I avoid receiving excess email from FFA engines?
  29. How can I transfer the software, the files, and the logs of my first submission to other PC?
  30. What is Doorway page?
  31. Why couldn't I enter the meta tags in the "site URL" section when filling out the website info?
  32. I have entered a proxy server, why I still have problem with connection?
  33. I upgrade to express version to standard version and had to reinstall the software, now mine registration code does not work anymore, what do I do about it?

Frequently Asked Questions for Dynamic MailCommunicator:

  1. Does Dynamic Mail Communicator Support HTML emails?
  2. What happen if I send HTML message using Mail Communicator to someone that can only read text message?
  3. How do I get the bounced back email from mine mail account?
  4. What happen if I lost mine internet connection and interrupted the emailing process?
  5. How do I create a mailing list?
  6. How do I send email in scheduler mode?
  7. Can I send attachment with Dynamic Mail Communicator?
  8. Can I insert a picture in the message?
  9. How can I move to next column when I enter a mailing list manually?
  10. What is the price if I want to buy a second license?

Frequently Asked Questions for Dynamic Opt-in Emailer:

  1. What format of mailing list can Dynamic Opt-in Emailer use?
  2. I set the fields, but opt-in emailer won't send the information properly.
  3. What happen if our mailing list is in excel format can we still use Dynamic Opt-in Emailer?
  4. I am using Windows ME and opt-in emailer does not sort and reduplicate mailing list.
  5. Can I retrieve addresses from Microsoft Outlook?
  6. I have a large mailing list, how do I set up the opt-in Emailer for easy, subscription and unsubscription management with the list?
  7. The functions that include in the Opt-in emailer that can help with your email list management.
  8. How to filter unwanted email address from list when sending email?
  9. How do I specify the number of emails I want to send from a mailing list?

Frequently Asked Questions for Dynamic KeywordBid Maximizer:

  1. What happen if I cann't log into the engines using the autobid function?
  2. What PPC engines does KeywordBid Maximizer support?
  3. Are there any plan to expand the number of engines currently supported by KeywordBid Maximizer?
  4. Can you set the maximum amount for the bidding so I don't over bid too much?
  5. Is Dynamic KeywordBid Maximizer Overture approved?
  6. How do I customize the keyword report with mine company detail?
  7. Generate relevant keywords from search engines.
  8. What report format does KeywordBid Maximizer support?
  9. How Do I set the individual property for each keywords?
  10. How does the keyword limit apply in each version of the KeywordBid Maximizer?
  11. Mine Autobid is not adjusting bids correctly?
  12. How to set up Dynamic KeywordBid Maximizer?
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